WIP: Arcade port of Bubble Bobble for Commodore Amiga

A new arcade port of Bubble Bobble is currently in development for low-end Commodore Amiga computers. The upcoming version is an enhanced Atari ST port with many improvements such as improved framerate, more colors and items and much more. Bub and Bob are two perfectly ordinary cute Brontosauri who, like most dinosaurs, have girlfriends. That was until they were kidnapped. Not standing for this, Bub and Bob set out to rescue their beloveds from the clutches of the evil letch. In order to rescue their women Bub and Bob have to make their way through a hundred varied caverns until at last they come upon the randy kidnapper. Both the little ‘Thunder Beasts’ can fend off attacks with the exceptional ability to blow high powered bubbles.┬áTiny Bobble release is TBA…

news source: Amiga-news.de / image source: background fanart /

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