Batman Rises: Impressive new demo pushes Amiga 500 to new limits

Batman Rises by Batman Group is a demo released in December 2022 at Posadas Party Autumn Edition for the first generation of Commodore Amiga computers from 1985. The demo utilizes both amazing Amiga technology and sleek design offering something amazing to watch on a standard Amiga 500. The sound and graphics contribute a lot to the overall mood and atmosphere of the production. The demoscene is mainly a European phenomenon. It is a competition-oriented subculture, with groups and individual artists competing against each other in technical and artistic excellence. Those who achieve excellence are dubbed elite, while those who do not follow the demoscene’s implicit rules are called lamers. The demoscene produced things that were at the very limit of what computers were capable of at the time.

News source: / watch on Youtube / download ADF

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