RemGame: Impressive tech demo proves again how powerfull the Amiga 500 really is

Indie developer Remz, recently released a very impressive tech demo. RemGame is a sort of adventure action game where the player can explore environments from a top-down perspective. It’s best compared with the famous Vulkan games released in 1994, Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity, Valhalla and the Fortress of Eve, and Valhalla: Before the War. Still this tech demo puts the Valhalla games series to great shame. In a single screen there are about 80 visible moving sprites and the tiles are shaded at runtime according to light sources (i.e., torches) with a scanline-dithering technique. The background tiles in this tech demo are in HAM, which means up to the full palette of 4096 colors, and arranged in such a way show fringeless horizontally scrolling. In a possible full release the player could interact with objects and characters, and solves puzzles using different types of mechanics, including logic, inventory management, and dialogue. However, the Canadian developer has not announced any real plans for a full game release. Most amazing fact about this game is that it requires only a 512KB chip ram Amiga, so normally any plain Amiga 500/2000, or Amiga 1000 with 512KB should work.

news source: EAB / watch gameplay on Youtube

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