Quake II Remaster Might debut at QuakeCon next week

QuakeCon is returning to an in-person event on August 10th, and id Software might have a re-release to mark the occasion. Historical leaker billbil-kun claims id will unveil a remastered version of Quake II when QuakeCon kicks off next week. Details of the upgrade aren’t available, but the classic sequel would make its way to PC and modern games consoles. Quake II, developed by id Software, played a pivotal role in shaping the FPS genre. Its immersive 3D environments, fast-paced gameplay, and groundbreaking graphics set new standards for the industry. As the sequel to the original Quake, it introduced players to a dystopian sci-fi world, challenging them to combat an alien race known as the Strogg. With its LAN multiplayer mode, Quake II contributed to the rise of competitive gaming and the LAN party culture. While the idea of remastering Quake II is exciting, it probably comes with many significant challenges. The original game was developed in a technological era vastly different from today’s, with hardware limitations that necessitated creative workarounds. Adapting Quake II to modern platforms requires addressing issues such as resolution, aspect ratio, control schemes, and compatibility with modern operating systems. However, Nightdive Studios, did the 2021 Quake remaster and featured improved lighting, character models and audio, as well as a full suite of its original expansions. It’s very likely thatQuake II will follow a similar pattern and fans of the genre are hoping for the best.

news source: Twitter

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