Paradox grand strategy Europa Universalis IV is currently free on the Epic Games Store

Released in 2013, EU4 has become a flagship title in the grand strategy genre, offering players a chance to rewrite history on a global scale. EU4 transports players to the Renaissance era, a time of immense change and exploration. Spanning from 1444 to 1821, the game’s timeline encompasses the Age of Exploration, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Napoleonic era. These centuries witnessed the emergence of new empires, scientific discoveries, cultural shifts, and geopolitical struggles. The game’s historical accuracy and attention to detail make it a captivating medium for exploring this period. At its core, EU4 is a grand strategy game that revolves around nation-building, diplomacy, warfare, and economic management. Players assume the role of a nation’s ruler and are tasked with guiding their state through centuries of history. The game’s mechanics are deep and multifaceted, requiring players to consider factors such as technology, religion, trade, colonization, and dynastic politics. Warfare in EU4 involves a mix of careful planning, tactics, and resource management. Players must consider terrain, unit composition, and military technologies to achieve victory. Historical battles and generals further immerse players in the era’s conflicts. You have until end of this week to grab a free copy of this amazing grand strategy game on the Epic Games Store (normal price is €39,99)

News source: EPIC

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