Heart of the Alien Ported to Commodore AmigaCD32

The famous adventure-arcade game Heart of the Alien is ported to Commodore AmigaCD32 by DJM. The game is released in 1994 by Virign. The story picks up immediately after the end of Another World. Buddy lands the pterodactyl in the ruins of his village, lays Lester down on a cot to rest and walks through the village, thinking of his past. A flashback follows showing that Buddy’s people were captured by soldiers led by one of the alien humanoids with red eyes. After recovering his power whip Buddy returns to the prison he and Lester escaped from in the first game trying to save his people. Buddy and Lester overcome various obstacles, but later in the game Buddy is knocked unconscious, and Lester saves him by attacking an enemy alien but is electrocuted while doing so. Eventually Buddy is able to find the red-eyed alien and traps him in a cage with a beast that kills him. At the end of the game, Buddy gives Lester’s body a ceremonial cremation. It is shown later how Buddy’s village is rebuilt with its citizens living again in harmony.

news source: unofficial cd32 ports / image source: unofficial cd32 ports / download Heart of the Alien

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