Meet project ROT created by Matze and Scrat, project ROT is a DIY project for building a new Amiga 500+. It comes with all the custom chips, CPU, RAM, etc… for a very acceptable price. You need appropriate soldering skills if you want to build your own Amiga 500+. The Commodore Amiga 500+ is an enhanced version of the original Amiga 500 computer released in 1991. It was notable for introducing new versions of Kickstart and Workbench, and for some minor improvements in the custom chips, known as the Enhanced Chip Set. The Amiga 500+ was released in several markets but was never sold officially in the U.S. For more information please visit


Prices Amiga 500 plus kit

40,00 Euro 1 x circuit board A500 Rev.8 red (solo)
60,00 Euro 1 x Small and standard parts kit (new / NOS)
2,50 Euro 1 x video hybrid kit standard incl. Circuit board (black)
9,60 Euro 1 x Set of 8x DRAM 256Kx4 (NOS)
4,50 Euro 1 x RTC MSM6242B OKI (NOS)
16,00 Euro 1 x AGNUS 8375, 2MB (NOS)
4,00 Euro 1 x GARY 5719 (NOS)
5,00 Euro 1 x EPROM 27C400 / 27C800 (with 3.1?)
2,90 Euro 1 x DENISE 8362 OCS (B-Ware)
4,00 Euro 1 x PAULA 8364 (B-Ware)
3,50 Euro 1 x CPU MC68000 (B / C-Ware)
7,00 Euro 2 x CIA8520 (C / D-Ware) of the A500 + needs 2 pieces
13,00 Euro optional 1MB memory extension kit incl. Board (red)
7,00 post-dispatch and packaging basic price

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