The A1222 project is still alive and kicking in 2022

The A1222 (or Tabor) motherboard announced in 2015 is without doubt one of the longest running computer project in history. However, Trevor Dickinson is probably the most stuborn man in computing history and is not willing to abandon his AmigaOne project. In his latest blog entry he announced that the project is still ongoing and commissioned Acube Systems to oversee the production and testing of the A1222+ motherboards. “The world of electronics supply is highly volatile at the moment with component shortage and prices sky-rocketing. Other components are either very scarce or not available. Against this backdrop of rising prices and continuing supply uncertainty we agreed with ACube to double the initial production order in an attempt to secure a lower price per unit.” The A1222+ is based on a Freescale QorIQ P1022 32-bit e500v2 dual-core PowerPC processor. This is essentially the little brother of the AmigaOne X5000. The board will offer Gbit Ethernet and two SATA 2.6 controllers, the x16 PCIe connector supports Radeon RX graphics cards. There’s on-board sound and basic HMDI 1.3 graphics output up to 1080.

news source: Trevor blog

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