First gameplay of Tower 57 on AmigaOne X1000

If retro-futurism meets pixel destruction then Tower 57 is a perfect match! Tower 57 takes place in a dystopian world where the outside is polluted and dangerous. Humanity has gathered in massive towers where the lower levels live in sweltering poverty while the rich and affluent live lavishly near the top. At the beginning of the game, if running solo, you select three of the available characters. Each has their own primary weapon, but they’ve also got some pretty great secondary items that make a huge difference in how they play. Though each character starts with a particular loadout, you’ll pick up other weapons throughout the game as well. You start at the very bottom in the sewers where mutants and monstrosities run rampant. However, as you work your way up Tower 57, you start to get into more established and wealthy areas where humans will fight you as well. The game will also heavily encourage cooperative play in order to coordinate different weapons and player abilities in a variety of combat scenarios. Forget ‘The chaos Engine’ here is Tower 57! Release is TBA…

news source: Youtube / image source: Flickr / watch on Youtube

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