Second Samurai, diversified gameplay and impressive length

The samurai’s chase through time basically takes part in three different periods: The stone age, the far future, and lastly medieval Japan. Right from the start, there is a lot happening on the screen. Enemies often come swarming at you from all sides, so you have to keep moving constantly. The game pulls this off nicely, and not in one instance does flickering or slowdown occur, though it would have been nice to see more animations, especially on the more common enemy types. While he starts out barehanded, picking up a white scroll grants the Samurai a sword that increases his attack range and does more damage than the regular kick, but take too many hits and you have to go back fighting with your fists and feet again. Throughout the levels you’ll also pick up throwing daggers which come in pretty handy, especially during boss battles. From early on, there are passages where one needs to stand at an exact spot to avoid getting hit by falling rocks or other traps, with hardly a pixel to spare, so while the big size of the sprites makes for some nice detailed graphics, it also results in you getting hit quite easily. This pixel-exact accuracy the game forces upon you applies to some of the small puzzles as well, and until you get a hang of the controls you may have a hard time getting a grip on the rock the game wants you to throw, literally. The addition of a two-player mode makes for some great cooperative play. Second Samurai is a lot of fun overall, and it certainly stands out from the masses, what with its interesting setting, diversified gameplay and its impressive length. The boss battles are especially very impressive and comprise the majority of entertainment this game delivers.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GeneratioAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Second Samurai

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