Armour-Geddon: 6 different vehicles to drive & fly in a doomsday world

Armour-Geddon Is unique because it manages to fuse a range of game styles. Armour-Geddon has a huge play area of 80 km by 80 km, including mountains, lakes and buildings, You play the leader of the Sheltered Ones and live in an underground headquarters equipped with a few basic vehicles and weapons to arm them with. The world has gone up in a cloud of nuclear smoke, which few have managed to survive. You are one of the lucky folks who found some shelter when ‘it’ hit the fan. However, as part of the military, you share partial responsibility for starting the whole shooting game in the first place. The bulk of the populace perished, but some survived, and have they got an axe to grind.

There are six vehicles in all which can be developed: a fast attack fighter, stealth bomber, gunship helicopter, hovercraft, light tank and heavy tank. You can simultaneously have six vehicles active of any type. However you also have teams of scientists and engineers to make new systems. All the vehicles have their own performance capabilities and can carry their own appropriate weapons – such as laser cannons, free-fall bombs, rockets and missiles. Other devices include night-sights, drop tanks, cloaking devices, fuelpods and telepods. The last is critical, you can have up to six in operation to instaneously teleport vehicles between them.

Telepods can only be carried and dropped by the Stealth Bomber. You can choose either to go for the complete game or single missions. In either case you’ll face an enemy armed with fighters, tanks, helicopters and a whole lot more. Armour-Geddon is a well-structured six-mission muli-sim blast. The game has to be studied thoroughly if the vehicles abilities are to be fully exploited as both the sims and the foes are unforgiving. The player who can build and drop the neutron bomb will have to be perfect; good just won’t cut it.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Armour-Geddon Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari

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