WiModem232 available: supports easy WiFi setup

The WiModem232 is again available and only costs $55 with OLED option and 44,95$ without. WiModem232 is an internet modem for any computer with a RS-232 interface port that emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem. Just plug the WiModem232 into the “serial” port and connect to BBS’s all over the world! The WiModem232 requires access to your local router and supports easy WiFi setup, including WPS one-button setup. Firmware updates are done using a simple command that fetches the latest firmware from the CBMSTUFF.COM server and updates the WiModem232 – all without ever having to remove the WiModem232 from your computer. The WiModem232 hardware supports 300 baud to 115200 baud .The WiModem232 requires external 5v power. Connect any 5v source (PC, phone charger, etc.) using a cable having a a Mini-B type USB connector. Unlike other WiFi solutions, the WiModem232 controls ALL of the standard RS-232 lines: Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, and RI. This means that you can use the WiModem232 to run a

news source: cbmstuff.com / image source: Pixabay

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