The Chaos Engine 2, brilliant single or multiplayer game

Total competition, that’s what this is all about. You versus the other person in a frantic battle to reach each level’s objectives. None of this co-operation nonsense. Just stab ’em in the back and stab ’em good. They’re going to do the same to you as soon as they get the chance, so get in there first. But back to the basics. You and a mate (or the CPU) each control one of four characters who must run around a small area, attempting to collect things and complete small puzzles in order to reveal the exit. Let’s take the characters first. The main differences between them are their speed and their level of intelligence. Some will rush around the place getting to all the objects before you, while others are more concerned with trudging around desperately trying to kill you at each and every opportunity. Basically, which ever one you pick as your adversary should dictate what kind of game you’re going to have. Points are awarded of your opponent and it’s these points around which the game resolves. In order to progress through the game you have to amass more points on each level than your opponent. Points are won by destroying baddies and completing tasks. Points are lost when you are killed. And you will often be killed as all it takes is a couple of shots to polish you off. Even if your enemy has run out of ammo if they manage to stand next to you and smack you in the mouth a couple of times you’ll bite the dust. The good thing about dying is that you’re never dead for long and you can be dead as many times as you like during a level – all you’re losing is points. The very bad thing about dying is that you drop all the items you’ve collected through the level and when they’re on the floor your enemy can run over ’em and scoop ’em up. And yes, this does mean that in two player mode especially you can spend bloody ages stuck in the same room with your opponent as you each take it in turns killing and being killed over one key!

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Chaos Engine 2

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