Classic city-builder Pharaoh is making a triumphant comeback on PC

The original Pharaoh, developed by Impressions Games, was released in 1999. Pharaoh was a city-building simulation game that allowed players to experience the history of Ancient Egypt. Players started by establishing nomad settlements and gradually grew their cities over time. Pharaoh: A New Era is an amazing remake of the original game, the new version boasts updated graphics and a powerfull user interface. The new look of Pharaoh: A New Era has a more cartoony aesthetic compared to the original game’s more realistic approach. The graphics are fresh-looking and easy to read, with intricate details visible in frescoes painted on buildings. The animations in the game have been improved, with more frames resulting in smoother character movement as they perform their various tasks around the city. This great city builder game will provide players with the ability to lead the creation of one of the greatest civilizations in history through over 50 missions and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Players can also build monuments and manage their population as they explore 4,000 years of ancient Egyptian history. Pharaoh: A New Era will be relealsed on 15th, February 2023 for PC and is currently available to pre-order via Steam.

news source: Steam / watch gameplay on Youtube

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