Banshee, Guns and death like never before

It is 1999 and the world remains in a perpetual twilight world of stunted technology. No microwaves, videos or colour tellies, and aeroplanes are still of the propellor driven variety. Pretty freaky. But it gets worse. Into this environment comes the wonderfully named Blardax Maldrear and his Styx republic. With a name like that he can only be after one thing. And he is. World domination! Only one man stands in his way. His name? The equally tricky Sven Svardensvart and his oh-so-super Banshee fighter. Apparently Blardax also did unspeakable things to Sven’s dad, for some trifling reasons, thus giving our hero ample opportunity to look stern and mumble things about this being personal. So we’ve got an evil empire, a stony-faced hero and a one-of-a-kind fighter. And it’s personal. Let us, as they say shoot them up. Take your pick. I mean, you don’t seriously expect me to list every single vertical shoot-’em-up ever do you? Of the masses to choose from, Banshee is most obviously reminiscent of that creaky old arcade machine 1942. In fact, it bloomin’ well is 1942, right down to the loop-the-loops you can pull off in times of stress.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Banshee

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