New update released of FPS classic Powerslave

PowerSlave is a first person shooter released in 1999. In this epic FPs classic you fight your way through hordes of terrifying creatures that have taken possession of powerful Egyptian artifacts. But while most retro shooters have you go down endless corridors looking for keys, PowerSlave mixes up that gameplay a little bit. PowerSlave features full 3D environments enabling complex layouts on par with games like Quake(Back in the 1990s). Large polygonal structures of all shapes and sizes could be displayed using this engine – rooms above rooms and sloping surfaces (not possible on many of the engines of the time) were a piece of cake. This remarkable 90s game redefined what a FPS could be with its unique focus on traps, puzzle-solving, platforming and action. The new update of the Amiga port offers improved audio and in-game console options.

new source: Aminet / download Powerslave 1.4

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