New enhanced Commodore Amiga release of AMIner

Aminer is a cute and addictive little Commodore Amiga game that has you mining for gold. Each level provides a dollar value goal that must be met within the time limit to move on to the next. The game is set in a Communist theme. You have been sent to this facility by the decision of Ministry of Mining and Fossile Fuels. The outpost is small but we believe not yet fully explored and examined. As you know, development of our great Democratic Peoples Republic requires significant expenditures in the sector of heavy industry. Industry that will astound and amaze with its creations not only imperialist in the West but the whole world. Industry that is so important for our great Army that protects our Motherland and helps to liberate more and more nations from the imperial and capitalist occupant.

news source: lastminutecreations / image source: lastminutecreations / watch on Youtube / download AMIner

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