New release of SEGA’s Wonderboy for Amiga computers

Wonder Boy is a platforming adventure, developed by Escape (later known as Westone Bit Entertainment) and made its debut in arcades during 1986. With its colorful graphics and addictive gameplay. Wonder Boy’s gameplay was straightforward yet addictive, striking the perfect balance between challenge and fun. Players took control of a young caveboy named Tom-Tom, who embarked on a quest to rescue his girlfriend, Tina, from the clutches of the evil King. Armed with a stone axe, Tom-Tom journeyed through multiple levels, each filled with various obstacles and enemies. Upon its release, Wonder Boy became an instant hit, captivating players of all ages. Its success led to numerous ports and sequels on various platforms, cementing its status as a beloved franchise. The character of Tom-Tom even appeared in other SEGA titles, making him a recognizable face in the gaming community. The unoffcial Amiga release is developed by indie game creator AcidBottle and is powerd by the Scorpion engine. The new update offers several improvements and is free to download.


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