Trailmarch: new upcoming role-playing game for the Amiga

Pixelshift Interactive is working on a new role-playing game for the Commodore Amiga, harkening back to the days of Bard’s Tale and Might & Magic. The story takes place on the world known as Demus, and unfolds as the one rule imposed by the Samot is broken. The deity of death Lycis has conspired with the denizens of one of the other worlds to arrange for a cross world invasion of Demus. The amount of death caused upsets the balance tipping the scales in Lycis favor, and diminishing the power of the other deities. In light of this failure, the Samot abandon their creations. You can compose your own four character party with a selection of 5 different races and 6 distinct classes. Trailmarch will incorpate turn-based combat featuring a movement grid adding another element of strategy. Release is TBA…

news source: Pixelshift Interactive / image source: Youtube

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