Creeping Me Out: New upcoming action platformer for Amiga

Creeping Me Out: Hex Night is a new upcoming action platformer in development for Commodore Amiga computers with typical early ’90s hand drawn adventure graphics. The software developer Mixel Magic is promising addictive gameplay and complex level design. The upcoming game titel is based on a popular webcomic. Creeping Me out is all about Francis, a troubled but energetic teenager, once Anna, a mysterious, well-to-do foreign exchange student new to a “normal” life at high school transfers there. The plot centers on their friends and families as they struggle to deal with the zombies, misplaced dinosaurs, aliens, giant robots, inter-dimensional parasites and other assorted downers that seem to follow Anna around. The Amiga version is going to be free and will be available as special boxed editions. The release data is TBA…

news source: / image source: Youtube / watch early gameplay on Youtube

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