Metro Siege: upcoming Brawler game for Amiga is still in development

The upcoming game Metro Siege is still in development for Commodore Amiga. The developer released a new update of how the game is making progress. Metro Siege Is a new 2 player co-op brawler game currently in development for Commodore Amiga and modern platforms such as Windows and mobile devices. In Metro Siege the player can choose from 3 playable characters with distinct personalities and combat styles to free the streets of your city from the criminals that are trying to take over. The players encounter several different types of enemies during the game, in which the player character can move in four directions but are always facing left or right. The player can perform a variety of unarmed fighting techniques against their enemies. This fast action classic arcade brawler action game looks very promising and will run flawlessly on Amiga 500 computers with 1MB RAM. The game is currently in development by bitbeamcannon, you can support this game on Patreon and receive the latest gameplay videos and details. Release date is TBA….

news source: Youtube / image source: BitBeamCannon / watch on Youtube

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