MiG-29 Fulcrum: Command the world’s most deadly fighter

Programmed by ex-British Aerospace design team SIMIS, with the co-operation of the Tass news agency, MiG-29 gives you the unique chance to fly this fearsome aircraft. As a newcomer to Soviet technology you’ll be called upon to attend the pilot’s school at Orzusk Aerodrome. Having been chosen as an elite cadet you must perform well in order to be assigned to one of the many MiG squadrons around the Soviet Union. Your training schedule will encompass all aspects of aerial combat and only when you have become adept at handling the MiG should you really attempt a live mission. There are five real-life scenarios to attempt. Having passed your training missions, you’ll be assigned a number of tasks. Each new scenario will test your skills in a particular field to extreme limits. If you succeed in all your sorties you may be called upon to face a full-blown international incident. Only when you have proven yourself and your skills will you be registered in the elite cadre of MiG-29 veterans.

Your first real mission, codenamed Blue SeaSprite, sees you on a reconnaissance mission above a wintry sea. Flying below enemy radar, you must try to locate a nuclear sub and identify it before returning to base. Yellow Dragon sees you flying a mission of revenge against the Chinese. Out to avenge the destruction of a MiG, you must teach the Chinese pilots a salutary lesson. Mission three, White Pegasus, sees you taking part in a covert mission to destroy enemy oilfields and refineries. Red Witch is a matter of national security. The KGB have infiltrated a terrorist group operating within the Soviet Union. Your task is to intercept the gang’s convoy and aid your ground troops. The final mission, Desert Strike, sees you attempting to halt the growth of the military power of an obscure Middle Eastern state. Flying alone, you must secure further strategic positions before destroying the country’s nuclear capabilities. The missions will test your flying skills and completion of all five will prove your air supremacy. 

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download MiG-29 Fulcrum Amiga, Atari, MS-DOS

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