Lemmings 2, a famous franchise that would sell 15+ million units

Lemmings 2 is a sequel to Lemmings. The object in both games is to rescue the lemmings on each level by instructing them how to make their way to the exit. The lemmings fall, one at a time, from a trapdoor in the sky onto some platform on the level. Once a lemming touches down, he will walk left or right until he hits an obstacle and turns around, or walks off the edge of the platform and falls to the next platform. Short falls are no problem, medium falls stun the lemming for a moment, and long falls are generally fatal. You assist the lemmings by giving them special skills at appropriate moments, enabling them to construct their own way to the exit. Skills are assigned by choosing an on-screen button and then clicking on the lemming. For example, if there is an obstacle on the current platform between a group of lemmings and the exit, you might instruct one of the lemmings to bash his way through the obstacle.

When he’s finished, all the lemmings can follow him through to the exit. This is, of course, a very simple example; and as you progress through the levels, the gyrations you’ll need to urge the lemmings through will get progressively more complex. Lemmings 2 features about 60 different skills which you can assign to the little blue guys: jet pack, hang glider, basher, fencer, planter, glue pourer, bazooka, hopper, kayaker, pole vaulter, rock climber, and more. The controls are very well thought out. In addition to the skill buttons and lemmings themselves, there are four additional controls: paws (pause), nuke (to blow up all the lemmings and try again should the situation on a level become hopeless), fan (to assist you in blowing around airborne lemmings) and fast-forward (to hurry everything along when you’ve set things up just right and the lemmings just need to finish walking through the maze to the exit.) There are keyboard shortcuts for all the controls, so you don’t need to keep moving the mouse between the lemmings and skill buttons. At any time, pressing escape will restart the current level. Lemmings 2 is in short one the great games ever released on the Commodore Amiga platform, it was released over 30 different platforms and sold over 15,000,000+ copies worldwide.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download lemmings 2

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