Strictly Limited Games launches Turrican anthologies

For the first time in nearly 3 decades, Turrican returns to modern consoles in this ultimate anthology collection. Developed by legendary independent studio Factor 5 and scored by video game maestro Chris Huelsbeck, this action series redefined gaming and became one of the most acclaimed and celebrated fan-favorites on retro consoles, and now you can play them on your modern console. Just when You think mankind has entered a permanent state of peace, some mega-computer goes haywire and levels an outer-space colony. Turrican takes on overwhelming odds with 6 weapons. His main weapon, the Gun, can power up to a three-way rifle or a laser pistol. Other Turrican tools include the Lightning Whip, Power Line, Mine, Grenades, and Buzzsaw. The series started in 1989 on the Commodore 64 with a demo level of the full game which was released in 1990. Turrican became popular due to its high technical achievements, demonstrating graphics which many did not believe to be possible on a C64. 

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