One of Sega’s most popular arcade games is back: Golden Axe Returns

Golden Axe was one of many ultra successful popular side scrolling combat games released in the 80s. Choosing your character out of the dwarf, amazon or barbarian you battled across 8 stages with simple melee attacks and powerful magics. Each warrior with his own reason for trying to overthrow the evil rule of Death-Adder, who kidnapped and imprisoned the King and his daughter and stole the legendary Golden Axe. At the time this was still pretty revolutionary stuff, it looked good, it sounded good and was a very enjoyable title. It’s one of those games that people look back on with great fondness. Indie game developer ZVitor best known for previously made fangames for D&D and Infinity War, recently announced ‘Golden Axe Returns’. The game is being made using OpenBOR, and will offer a supreme revitalizing gaming experience of this 80’s goldie. The game will be released on Windows, January 17th!

source news: Twitter / image source: SEGA / Watch gameplay on Youtube

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