Famous game developer Apogee is back in business

Founded in 1987, Apogee Software is back under the name Apogee Entertainment. The company was at the basis of well-known titles such as Duke Nukem. As a publisher, it will focus on indie games and the new survival platform game Residual. Apogee Software was formed in 1987 and the name and logo were eventually sold by Miller to colleague Nagy, who continued with the company in 2008. Apogee is best known for titles such as Commander Keen(ported to Amiga), Duke Nukem(ported to Amiga), Wolfenstein 3D(ported to Amiga), Rise of the Triad(ported to Amiga), Raptor, Shadow Warrior(Amiga port in development), Max Payne and Prey, although some titles were released under the 3D Realms label at the time. The renewed Apogee is working on four projects, of which the game Residual was announced first. This is a survival platformer game where players can discover a limitless world of forgotten alien technology and stories and prevent a galactic gunk from spreading further. The game will be made by OrangePixel and will be released on Steam sometime in the fall of this year, for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

news source: Twitter / image source: Twitter

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