Amiberry 5.5 Released: Emulate the Amiga on a Raspberry Pi

Amiberry is a powerfull optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs and offers you the highest performance of Amiga emulation. Amiberry is also available for macOS (both Intel and Apple Silicon) and Linux x86-64. For the optimal Amiberry experience, it is recommended that pre-installed WHDLoad packages are used. Amiberry has been designed to have compatibility with the ‘Retroplay’ WHDLoad packs. For an Amiga to run it needs a Kickstart file. On the original computers this was provided on a chip. When it comes to emulation, you need a ROM file of the chip.The easiest option is to purchase Amiga Forever 10 from Cloanto via The new release of Amiberry (5.5) offers new improvements and bugfixes.

news source: GitHub / download Amiberry 5.5 

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