China’s Covid outbreak are causing extended delivery times of new Tank Mouse

Polish Hardware designer Lukas Remis’s new wireless Amiga-inspired optical mouse was a very big succes with over €149,262 pledged on Kickstarter. Sadly enough, due a new Covid outbreak in several parts of China the new Tank mouse delivery date will be postponed until late February 2023. “Unfortunately I don’t have good news this time. Because of current COVID situation in China over 60% of the factory emplyees are on a sick leave. Our suppliers also have beed affected. So the factory will not finish manufacturing before the Chinese New Year – when everything in China stops working for around 2 weeks. That means Tank Mouse might be ready for shipping in second half of February. I hope there will be no more unexpected delays.” The new Tank Mouse is a brand new computer mouse, inspired by the famous Commodore Amiga 1352. However under the classic look a modern technology is hidden. Tank mouse blends retro-computing passion with everyday tasks. This modernized version is a wireless optical mouse, which received a touch panel, placed between the two buttons, for scrolling. Tank Mouse operates under Bluetooth or 2.4GHz, which makes it possible to connect to almost any kind of device, but more importantly it can be used with your original Commodore Amiga computer! The mouse connects directly to all computers supporting Bluetooth, for other computers a small USB receiver is included. The iconic bold design makes the mouse not only unforgettable but also suitable for left and right-handed people.

News source: Kickstarter / image source: Kickstarter 

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