Five times ‘The Simpsons’ featured the Commodore Amiga computer

The Amiga computer made several appearances and references in “The Simpsons,” a popular animated TV show known for its humor, cultural references, and pop culture nods. Throughout its long run, “The Simpsons” featured a few episodes and moments that involved Amiga-related content or mentions. While “The Simpsons” did not heavily feature the Amiga computer, the show’s occasional references to the iconic computer system demonstrate its cultural impact and popularity during the 1990s. In the episode ‘Marge Be Not Proud’, Bart gets caught shoplifting a video game called “Bonestorm,” a parody of popular gaming systems and games of the 1990s. At the Try-N-Save department store, Bart is caught by the security guard, and his mother Marge is called to the scene. The security guard shows Marge a surveillance video of Bart shoplifting the game, and on the monitor, it briefly displays the text “Amiga 589.” In another episode “Bart’s Comet”, a comet is on a collision course with Springfield, causing panic among the townspeople. As the citizens gather in the town’s bomb shelter, one of the characters, Professor Frink, is seen using a computer. The computer screen displays a classic Amiga Workbench screen, which was the Amiga’s operating system. In the “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” epsiode, the storyline revolves around Homer’s former barbershop quartet called “The Be Sharps,” which becomes famous and wins a Grammy award. One of the group’s members, Chief Wiggum, recalls their first appearance at Moe’s Tavern, where they were called “The B-Sharps.” Chief Wiggum mentions that they were booed offstage, and on a promotional poster of the event, the name “Amiga B-Sharps” can be seen. This is a clever play on words, combining the Amiga computer and the name of the quartet. In “Homer’s Phobia”, The Simpson family befriends a gay antique collector named John. Homer becomes uncomfortable with John’s lifestyle and tries to distance his family from him. However, when they visit John’s house, they encounter various retro gaming systems and computers, including an Amiga computer on a desk. John’s Amiga is a subtle nod to the classic computing era, and it fits in with the theme of collecting vintage items. And finally in “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken” the Amiga debutes again! Bart and his friends vandalize Springfield Elementary School. As punishment, they are banned from watching television for a month. However, the kids find an old, discarded Amiga computer in the basement and play a game called “Larry the Looter.” This reference pays homage to the Amiga’s gaming legacy and its appeal to both kids and adults during its heyday.

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