A-10 Tank Killer: an amusing blast from the 90s

Strategy is an all-important part of the game, but for the muscle heads among you, there’s an option which allows you to fly straight into the thick of battle, blasting away with your 30 mm cannons and Maverik ‘fire and forget’ missiles. There are seven different missions which you can undertake, ranging from tank busting to taking out bridges to stop the enemy advance. A10 really comes into its own in campaign mode.

You play exactly the same seven missions that you would normally, but all must be played in succession. Just like in real life however, you can’t screw up one mission and then expect to carry on as normal when you move onto the next. Your success within previous missions will have a marked effect on the ease of your next. If you screw up totally, you may even cause the war below you to be lost, forcing surrender to enemy forces.

A-10’s trump card, though, is the fact that it manages to create the impression of a real world. Messages are constantly coming through on the radio, informing you of countless movements within the warzone, and you even get a co-pilot giving you ‘help’. The whole thing feels alive with action and movement. Of course, no modern flight sim would be complete without lots of external camera views and the like. A-10 Tank KillerĀ is thoroughly recommended – it is pure entertainment.

news source: various sources / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download A10 Tank Killer MS-DOS, Amiga

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