Dread: Revokes the golden 90’s with a total graphics replacement

Doom, the very first one, was widely regarded to have pushed the boundaries of PC gaming and graphics of that era, with its 3D graphics, 3D maps, networked multiplayer and so much more. When it first came out Amiga users could only dream of such a wonderfull action game and it would take years for Doom to arrive on the platform. The first real successful interpretation of Doom for Amiga came with the release of Gloom and it was playable on a bog AmigaCD32 or A1200. Gloom was set in some pretty miserable dungeons where you, a marine, must work your way around a rendered 3D maze blasting strange creatures, rival marines, ghosts and other creatures out of your way. The popular Amiga game was written by New Zealand’s respected Acid Software team and published by Guildhall. The emphasis was placed on action, rather than collecting keys and negotiating through maps. However, Amiga programmer and Demoscene guru KK of Altair wanted more and started working on a Doom clone for Amiga 500 computers with just 1MB of RAM and the project is making very good progress. The developers of Dread just released a new impressive video on Youtube with Dread having a total graphics replacement, giving the game project a complete new look and improved playabillity. The upcoming FPS now offers improved monsters, textures, improved resolutions and a more detailed status bar and dreadguy personality.

news source: Youtube / image source: Youtube / watch on Youtube

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