Amiga Classic ‘It Came From The Desert’ is getting a spiritual successor

It Returned To The Desert is dedicated to ‘It Came from the Desert’ a 1989 action-adventure game by Cinemaware. The original plot of It Came From The Desert is a hybrid of ‘It Came From Outer Space’ and the bug movie ‘Them’. After a meteorite crashes in nearby mountains, the small town of Lizard Breath, California, is disturbed by bizarre events, disappearances and the appearance of huge killer ants – pugonomyrex rugosus to you. Ultimately, to save the town you must find the opening to the nest and destroy the queen. It Returned to the Desert is a unique mix of turn-based tactical combat and story-driven adventure game. Prepare for combat with a variety of arms and consumables. Use your time well and collect evidence to convince the local authorities. Gather a party of supporters and take good care of them, as death is permanent and has far-reaching consequences. The game features a charming retro pixel art style and an atmospheric soundtrack, with multiple difficulties. Even though the game looks like it’s straight from the 90s, it boasts modern game design principles and no dead ends or overly high difficulty. It Returned To The Desert’s full release is on February 15th and is available on Steam.

news source: Steam  / watch gameplay on Youtube

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