Why are Amiga games more expensive than ever?

The video gaming market has experienced significant growth in recent years. The increasing popularity of gaming, combined with advances in technology and an increase in disposable income, has allowed the industry to flourish and offer a wide range of games for players of all ages and skill levels. Retro games, in particular, have experienced a resurgence due to nostalgia and the growing demand for classic games from a new generation of gamers. These games have been re-released in various forms, such as remasters and re-releases, allowing players to experience them on modern platforms. Overall, the video gaming market continues to grow and offer a wide variety of entertainment options for players, from AAA games to retro games, and everything in between. The demand for retro video games has led to the growth of physical retail stores and online bidding websites specializing in the resale of classic games. These stores and websites offer a convenient way for players to discover and purchase older titles. However, the prices of retro games can get inflated due to the competition between physical retail stores and online bidding websites, as well as the limited availability of certain rare games.

The high prices being paid for retro games at auctions, such as the sales of Super Mario 64 for $1.5 million and $2 million, are an example of the high demand and scarcity of certain classic games. This further highlights the popularity and value of retro games in the current market. Overall, the growing interest in retro games and the availability of physical retail stores and online bidding websites has made it easier for players to discover and purchase classic games, although the prices may be higher due to the high demand and limited supply. The Commodore Amiga 500 officially released in 1987  started the beginning of new era in home computing and offcourse gaming. It amazed the public with it’s graphics and sound capabilities and all of this for a very reasonable price compared to PC and Apple computers. Compared with most Apple’s and IBM & compatibles of that time the Commodore Amiga 500 had it all. The Amiga  proved to be one of Commodore’s best-selling computers and sales went up to 6,000,000 units worldwide and is still being used by many Amiga and retro computing fans. So no wonder that the Amiga retro games market is no different from other platforms, and finding good Amiga games in pristine condition are getting harder to find these days.

Amiga classic Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight was sold on Ebay for € 1164(!) Moonstone’s gameplay that combines several genres, including turn-based exploration and real-time combat, is a unique and innovative feature that sets it apart from other games in its time. The ability for up to four players to participate in the game adds to its social aspect and replayability. It’s also noteworthy that Moonstone is considered to be one of the goriest games of its time, with bloody fight and death scenes. This level of violence was not common in games of its era, and it could have contributed to the game’s popularity and notoriety. The graphic nature of the game may have also attracted players who were seeking a more mature gaming experience.

Ambermoon, A very popular exclusive Amiga action RPG released in 1993 by Thalion, Is was one of the first role-playing games to feature 3D graphics that allowed players to move freely in a 360-degree environment, combined with a 2D overhead map view. At the time of its release, many other RPGs, such as the Eye of the Beholder trilogy, had 3D engines but were limited to a 45-degree tracker style. The player’s journey is long and filled with excitement, exploring the vast world of Ambermoon. Ambermoon is considered a seminal work in the history of computer games and has not lost any of its appeal even 30 years after its release. This amazing game was recently sold for a whopping €1032. Shadow of the Beast series is another collectible for the Amiga, and altough less rare, most original copies in pristine condition are still selling for an average price of €150. Amiga games will probably increase in value and video game collectors can see it as a good investment, it’s still not comparable with wine or nostalgic cars but we are getting closer.

news source: Generationamiga

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