New update released of ‘Ambermoon Advanced’

Indie game developer Pyrdacor just announced a new update of Ambermoon Advanced (version 1.03). Ambermoon is a pioneering action RPG released in 1993 by Thalion. It was one of the first role-playing games to feature 3D graphics that allowed players to move freely in a 360-degree environment, combined with a 2D overhead map view. The game’s unique story was known for being challenging, motivating, and well-told, setting it apart from other RPGs of the time. At the time of its release, many other RPGs, such as the Eye of the Beholder trilogy, had 3D engines but were limited to a 45-degree tracker style. In Ambermoon, players start the game as the grandson of the dying grandfather, who provides initial instructions and sets the player on their journey. The player’s journey is long and filled with excitement, exploring the vast world of Ambermoon. Ambermoon is considered a seminal work in the history of computer games and has not lost any of its appeal even 30 years after its release. The game is challenging from the start and does not show mercy, requiring players to learn from their mistakes and restart the game repeatedly. Despite its difficulty, the game continually captivates players with its charm, revealing new elements each time it is played. The satisfaction of finally defeating the game is made all the more sweet by the hard-fought victory.

news source: Twitter / Download Ambermoon Advanced

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