History: The rare Commodore Amiga 500 ‘New Art’ edition

Commodore Germany Released in 1991 the Amiga 500 ‘New Art’ series. These were simply standard plastic case Amiga 500s with a colorful design by Stefanie Tücking, a very popular German radio and television personality. Printed in two different designs: ‘Leopard’ and ‘Ball’. Packaging was the same as the usual Commodore Amiga 500, but with a special sleeve for the limited design editions. The Amiga 500 itself was a late, Kickstart 1.3 model. Both variants, Leopard and Ball were made in Hong Kong and sold in Germany for about €75 more than the regular Amiga 500 model and 10000 of each were made. The two special Amiga 500 models are very hard to find and mostly only in Germany. The original Amiga 500 proved to be Commodore’s best-selling Amiga model in Europe. Although popular with hobbyists, arguably its most widespread use was as a gaming machine, where its advanced graphics and sound were of significant benefit. Over 6 million Commodore Amiga 500 computers were sold worldwide.

new source: Wikipedia / image source: Picclick

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