Pleiades 3D Released: Blast off into space with this immersive sci-fi adventure

Pleiades 3D is a new Amiga 1200 game release with amazing level of detail, made with AMOS, Pleiades 3D offers the player an exciting space journey. Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Alice, a young girl stranded in the enigmatic Pleiades star cluster, as she endeavors to return to Earth. Navigate through space, gather powerful “ray stones,” and unlock the Alcyone space station’s engines to guide her home. Beware of the treacherous space pirate, Captain Orion, who seeks to steal your cargo. Scoop asteroids for credits, collect defeated pirates’ cargo, and upgrade your ship with missile locks and a jump drive. Explore six space stations managed by Alice’s sisters to find the remaining ray stones. Battle Captain Orion in a thrilling showdown and embark on a cosmic odyssey in “Pleiades 3D.”

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