Retro GI Joe beat ’em up Wrath of Cobra announced for 2024

A fresh G.I. Joe beat ’em up adventure is in the works, as announced today by Hasbro, with development by Maple Powered Games and publication by Freedom Games. Say hello to “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra.” In this upcoming retro gaming experience, you’ll have the chance to step into the boots of beloved characters like Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and other iconic figures from the series. This release adds to the growing list of 2D side-scrolling brawlers making an unexpected comeback in the 2020s, joining the ranks of titles like TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and the Double Dragon reboot. The game’s creators are promising a diverse array of environments for you to pummel and kick your way through while battling the nefarious Cobra. The official announcement teases players with the prospect of traversing land, air, sea, and even outer space as you confront Cobra in iconic locales such as Cobra Island, the Pit, Cobra’s clandestine underwater headquarters, and more. Along the way, you’ll have access to an arsenal of weapons, explosives, and other tools to aid you in thwarting Cobra Commander’s latest scheme to conquer the world.

Watch trailer: Youtube 

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