Amiga Classic Turrican II returns with enhanced graphics

Amiga Classic Turrican II is finally getting a new AGA edition (A1200,A4000) based on the MS-DOS version. This is basically the same as the Turrican II we know and love, but with more colours. The current released demo version is only the first level of the game, there is no mid-level boss and the player cannot die. However most other features are working – even if many require extra polish.

The old version of Turrican II

Turrican II is about a far off race on the planet Landorin have been locked in a deadly battle with a tyrannical force known as the Machine. The rebels managed to destroy their central complex, which was based on an artificial moon orbiting their planet. However, the Machine’s robot forces were still left on the planet, gradually taking over the world – even as deep down in the surface as the secret shelters that the Landorins had built to protect themselves underground. Just before the last remaining Landorins left the planet, they sent out a Mayday message – a message that was picked up by none other than Turrican.

The new enhanced AGA edition of Turrican II

You take control of Turrican as he lands on the outer surface of Landorin. Since his last mission he has been streamlining his abilities and improving his armour. He is still armed with the multi-purpose laser cannon, but a host of ‘alternations’ have been made. To begin with, Turrican must move around the planet’s surface destroying any enemies he may come across. Later, secret entrances into further caverns must be found, so that Turrican can make his way deeper into the planet and stamp out the enemy threat, as well as having to find and steal a spaceship to navigate the speed tunnel – a deadly corridor that is packed full with deadly machine guns. As Turrican works his way deeper and deeper into the planet, the machine guards get tougher and meander, throwing all manner of defences at you to try and stop your advance into their newly-claimed territory. The demo version can be played using WinUAE or requires the authentical Commodore A1200 and A4000 with Fast RAM, full release is TBA…

news source: EAB / image source: Youtube / download Demo version

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