Little Divil, An incredible looking game for the AmigaCD32

You play Mutt Divil – a young but enthusiastic denizen of hell, who has been unfortunate enough to be selected for the annual Mission Impossible to travel to the bowels of the underworld, through five levels of sheer, well, hell, and then return with a pizza to feed the higher members of the council. Every year a likely candidate is sent to get the food, but not once has one returned with a ‘deep pan meat plate hold the spicy pork oh and could I have some anchovies on that’ delicacy. As you can imagine, the elders are getting disgruntled about this, so anyone who doesn’t return is threatened with a fate worse than death. Unfortunately, if you don’t return, then you probably are dead, but then again this is hell, and so it all works out somehow. Essensially he has to travel through the five enormous levels of the underworld, collecting all the cash he can find along the way and solving puzzles in all the rooms he can find. There are fifty of these rooms in total. As a rule, solving one of them will either up another section of the maze, or give him an item which he will need for a later room. Whatever the case, there is one ruin that always come into play when you enter a room, you are never told what it is you actually have to do. In many cases, the solution will be painfully obvious from the start, but in others you really need to work through it to get there. Take the Marmaid room for example Here you are shown a mermaid with an evil glint in her eye sat in a large oyster, in front of her are three rather vicious looking piranha fish. She raises her hand, and a mystical symbol appears. Jumping on the fish also produces a symbol, so it’s quite obvious that all you need to is jump on the right fish to produce the same as the mermaid shows you to complete the screen. In a more obscure vein however, is the large snake’s head that spits spiders at you. This is right at the start of the game, and you can’t solve it right away. No amount of stamping on the spiders will complete the screen. Instead, you need to get hold of a can of insect repellent, which you spray into the snake’s eyes to destroy it. At the start of each level you’ll find a shop with just some of the items you’ll need to get through the puzzle screens. You don’t actually know which screens require which objects, but due to the nature of the rooms, you don’t actually need to know. You can only use the right object in the right room, so if you don’t have it, nothing will happen when you press the blue button. Litil Divil is an incredible looking game, the animations are smooth and characteristic, with lots of fun spot animations and effects thrown in. A great Commodore AmigaCD32 classic!

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Little Divil

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