Fury of the Furries, amazing platform game with puzzles

The object of the game is simple: take control of a Tiny and find your way to the exit of each level. Your Tiny can walk, run, and jump three different heights. As if that isn’t enough, your Tiny is also able to transform into any of 4 colours, each one having a special ability. Green is my favourite. It’s great fun swinging the little critter back and forth on the rope, then letting go and watching him fly across the screen and do a couple of somersaults before landing on the ground! Not all of the abilities are available all the time. On some levels, you may only have one ability, and on others, you might get all 4. To make it harder, there are force-field type things which enable or disable an ability when you pass through them.

You view the action from the standard platform perspective (side on), and the levels scroll in all directions. The game takes place over 8 areas, with each area having 10 levels based on the same theme. The levels are full of all sorts of obstacles designed to reduce your Tiny to an ex-furball before reaching the exit. There’s trees, water, spikes and loads more, and of course the usual array of NASTIES. You must make use of the various abilities of your Tiny to negotiate these obstacles. As you progress into the game, the puzzle element starts rearing its head. As well as avoiding (or shooting) all the nasties, you also have to start solving problems in order to reach the exit. These puzzles range from simple things, like finding and using keys, to more complex ones, like moving blocks and finding secret entrances. The puzzles rely on the correct choice of abilities in most cases, and also require some pretty nifty joypad skills on some of the later levels. Fury of the Furries was an amazing platform game with challenging puzzles and keen graphics.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Fury of the Furries

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