ASUS Radeon RX 560 (4GB) now available for AmigaOne computers

Amiga On The lake proudly presents the availability of the ASUS Radeon RX 560 (4GB)  graphics card for AmigaOne X5000 and A1222B (Beta motherboard) from A-EON Technology. The ASUS Radeon RX 560 comes equipped with dual fan design for 2X greater air flow and 3X quieter performance. The fans are IP5X dust-resistant for improved reliability and a longer lifespan. While exclusive Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II components for superior stability. Twin optimized fans carefully selected by engineers drive 2X greater airflow while maintaining 3X quieter performance, combining enhanced cooling with a more pleasant gaming and computing environment. ASUS graphics cards are produced using Auto-Extreme technology, an industry-first 100% automated production process, and feature premium Super Alloy Power II components that enhance efficiency, reduce power loss, decrease component buzzing under load, and lower thermal temperatures for unsurpassed quality and reliability. The ASUS Radeon RX 560 (4Gb) requires the latest Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade from A-Eon Technology. You can purchase the RX 560 for $169,95.

news source: Amiga on the Lake / image source: Flickr

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