Distribution of AmigaOne X5000 started

A-EON technology will start the distribution of AmigaONE X5000 systems in the next coming weeks. Prices are between € 2300 and €2500 for a complete system and for the motherboard €1700. The AmigaONE X5000 is the latest PowerPC based computer developed by A-EON Technology. The AmigaONE X5000 board is designed around Freescale’s QorlQ P5 64-bit PowerPC CPU SoC range. These high performance, low power-consumption multi-core CPUs contain 64-bit e5500 cores manufactured in 45 nm process technology. The AmigaONE X5000 uses a 4GB micro SD card as it’s ROM. This contains the system’s firmware and is removable for reflashing. There is a long running tradition, started originally by Commodore engineers, on having The B-52s song titles on Amiga compatible hardware. The AmigaONE X5000 motherboard is no exception to this tradition as it features Breezin’ on the silkscreen. 

news source: Amiga-news.de / image source: Pixabay

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