Gunship 2000: Great helicopter sim released on Commodore Amiga

There are 8 total helicopters in the game which you can fly: the AH-64A Apache, The AH-64B Longbow Apache, the AH-1W SuperCobra, the AH-66A Comanche (2 versions), the OH-58D Kiowa Scout, the UH-60K Blackhawk, and the AH-6D Defender. However,you can’t fly the better equipment until you prove yourself in combat. Each helicopter has its own selection of weapons, and picking the right copterfor the job can be important. Each copter has its own features and cockpit layout . After flying a certain number of single-helicopter operations, you can graduate to controlling a flight of 5 copters, divided into a heavy section of 3, and a light section of 2. You can use tactics such as safely landing your gas-guzzling and cargo-laden Blackhawk helicopters behind the shelter of a hill while your Apache Gunships sweep the landing zone to eliminate any opposition.

Scouts can be used to supply remote target designation for hidden gunship. During combat, you can jump to an outside view of any helicopter to see what it is doing. You can take an active part in combat operations in your helicopter, or just fly in to a spot near the battle, park safely behind a hill, and tell your other flight members what to do. Other flight members will fill you in on their actions, such as “I’m engaging target”, or “Primary objective sighted”. Your flight members all have skill levels, and loosing one in combat gets you a new rookie to train from scratch. There are lots of little details such as animals, billboards, bridges, and many other things. The terrain uses polygon mountains. You must be willing to spend some time in order to get good at it – it isn’t something you can master in one flight. But it should appeal to any simulation fan. Re-playability is high since maps and missions seem to be dynamically generated.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on youtube / download Gunship 2000

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