First batch of A4000TX ATX motherboard available

Finnish Amiga hardware enthousiast Hese, announced the availability of the first batch of A4000TX ATX motherboard PCBs (version 1.1). The aim of this amazing Amiga project was to create an Amiga motherboard that would fit in most ATX cases and still support full-length Zorro cards. The A4000TX ATX motherboard, is the first Amiga based motherboard in ATX form factor. The A4000TX revision 1.1 is an A4000cr motherboard and daughterboard embedded together with a few additional features. It supports onboard Fast RAM up to 112MB and Kickstart ROM up to 4MB. The A4000TX motherboard price is €100, requires good hardware knowledge and several components you need to purchase from somewhere else. The first batch is probably completely soldout, for more information on ordering please visit Amibay. The Commodore Amiga 4000, is the successor of the A2000 and A3000 systems. There are two models: the A4000/040 released in October 1992 with a Motorola 68040 CPU, and the A4000/030 released in April 1993 with a Motorola 68EC030. The A4000 is the first Amiga model to have shipped with Commodore’s third-generation Amiga chipset, the 32-bit Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA).

news source: / image source: GenerationAmiga

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