New recreation of Commodore Amiga 2000 motherboard available

Amiga hardware specialist floppie209 released new a new revision (Amiga2000rev6.2.incl.mods.rev-1.8.5.lay6) of his Commodore Amiga 2000 motherboard recreation. The PCB redesign including several mods has been done using Sprint Layout. The Amiga 2000 was a professional personal computer released by Commodore in March 1987. The Amiga 2000 is the first Amiga model that allows expansion cards to be added internally. SCSI host adapters, memory cards, CPU cards, network cards, graphics cards, serial port cards, and PC compatibility cards were available, and multiple expansions can be used simultaneously without requiring an expansion cage like the Amiga 1000 does. Not only does the Amiga 2000 include five Zorro II card slots, the motherboard also has four PC ISA slots, two of which are inline with Zorro II slots for use with the A2088 bridgeboard, which adds IBM PC XT compatibility to the A2000. The Amiga 2000 was the most versatile and expandable Amiga computer until the Amiga 3000 was introduced three years later.

news source: GitHub / image source: GenerationAmiga

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