Jake and Peppy: A Cool new Amiga/V4 game in development

Asteroids is so old now that even its clones are starting to get long in the tooth. But unique Asteroids clones such as Stardust released for the Commodore Amiga back in 1993 featured all sorts of state-of-the-art graphics techniques. Amiga developers team ‘Quetzal’ are proud to announce a new upcoming Amiga/V4 game based on the Asteroids/Stardust genre: ‘Jake and Peppy: United Apart’. The new game engine makes heavy usage of super-fast RAM speed and 68080 AMMX functionality for graphic effects. Although the target platform is the Amiga Vampire V4 standalone, the developers announced a release for other Vampire accelerators. Release date is TBA.

news source: Vampire FB group / image source: Youtube / watch gameplay on Youtube

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