Odyssey Redefines the SBC: Coupled to an Arduino Coprocessor

Edge Computing devices are playing an increasingly important role in the field of IoT. Nowadays, a computer is not just a big rectangular black box under the desk, or a small portable device working on your knees. Computers are ubiquitous devices that span calculating, communicating, and data storage. Odyssey Redefines the Single Board Computer thanks to the Intel Celeron J4105 CPU coupled to an and Arduino Coprocessor onboard along with a Rasperry Pi compatible GPIO. This makes for one of the easiest to use edge compute device that makes enabling IoT easier than before. The onboard SIM card slot makes it possible to build the 5G soft router with the extraordinary fast connectionwhich is very useful in applications where there is no Wi-Fi access. Alternatively this makes for a great companion computer onboard your drone.

news source: hackaday.com / image source: Aliexpress / buy Odyessey on Aliexpress

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