People won’t abandon Windows 7: running on 24% of devices

On July 29, 2015 Microsoft unleashed Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8.1. Windows 10 received mostly positive reviews upon its original release. Critics praised Microsoft’s decision to provide a desktop-oriented interface in line with previous versions of Windows, contrasting the tablet-oriented approach of Windows 8. Windows 10 is installed over a billion devices but according to NetMarketShare’s latest figures, Windows 7 is still running on 23.34% of devices. That’s just over 2% lower than the 25.56% market share it had in January. Despite Microsoft pulling out for any support or security updates many people are still using Windows 7. The OS was released in 2009 and offered major improvements over its predecessor due to its increased performance.

news source: netMarketshare / image source: GenerationAmiga

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