MiSS FPGA: Replacement boards for Amiga 500 cases

Retro company 8bits4ever will release MiSS FPGA end February 2021. The FPGA Board is designed to fit inside a Commodore A500 case and uses the original A500 keyboard as input device. The Amiga 500 replacement motherboard is powerd by an Altera EP3C25E144C8N FPGA with 32MB SDRAM and Micro SD card slot. The installation is made very easy and custom 3D printed PCB holders for A500 case are included. The FPGA is compatible with all MiST cores. Can run as Amiga (OCS, ECS, AGA), Atari ST/STE/Mega, MSX2+, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari 800, Sega Megradrive, NES, Sega Master System and many more. The MiSS FPGA motherboard will retail for just 150 euros.

news source: Amiga-news.de / image source: 8bits4ever / purchase MiSS FPGA

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