Gloom, A magnificent unique Doom clone released on Amiga

Gloom is set in some pretty miserable dungeons where you, a marine, must work your way around a rendered 3D maze blasting strange creatures, rival marines, ghosts and other creatures out of your way. There is no weapon visible but a power bar at the top of the screen indicates that yo have one and how powerful it is too. A Gloom marine is equipped with a single plasma-style gun, which you can pick up power-ups for as you wander through the maze. Get five power-ups and you have a pretty powerful weapon. Find one of the super power ups and you have an awesome one. Right from the start the 3D rendered walls, ceilings and floors do not fail to impress, nor does the size, shape and speed of them enemy, especially the ghosts who come out at you in the second series of dungeons. Gloom is less like Doom than you might think though. It is really a fast paced maze shoot ’em up with less overall atmosphere than Doom but more frantic, shoot ’em up style action throughout the levels. You can size the screen and set the resolution of the graphics to suit your needs and play happily (if a little nervously) for hours, days on end. In one player mode, or even more so in two player, side by side combat Gloom is excellent.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Gloom

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